Winter Plumbing Service and Winter Freeze-up Repairs For Existing and Previous Customers Only
JW&DE Ryan Plumbing and Heating

It happens every Vermont winter. Your heating system fails or prolonged cold weather results in frozen waterlines or drains. As much as we know about what to do to protect our homes and apartments, sometimes we just forget. The problem is your home will most likely flood during the coldest time of the year.

What You Can Do If You Notice a Frozen Pipe

A great way to insure that your home will not be flooded when you return, is to turn the water off to the house. This idea can eliminate one fear of leaving your home, and is a particularly savvy move during the winter.

Pipes usually leak before they burst, so if you are able to spot a leaking pipe you might just be able to catch the problem before it gets really bad. Turn the water off to the house, then call JW & DE Ryan Plumbing and Heating.

Partial water service indicates that a pipe is frozen somewhere in the house. A complete lack of water service can be the result of a frozen water meter or a frozen pipe leading from the water main in the street to the house. A meter or water pipe that feels extremely cold is most likely frozen. It's important to clear frozen blockages as soon as possible to minimize the danger of pipes bursting in some inaccessible spot. The resulting leak could cause serious property damage. If you are worried about frozen pipes,call JW & DE Ryan immediately.

We Have the Experience and Equipment Needed To Solve Your Freeze-up Problems

It can be dangerous to thaw a pipe with an open flame, which will probably also damage the pipe. If there is any standing water due to a burst pipe, even using a device such as a hair dryer can be hazardous, as using electrical appliances in areas of standing water can cause electrocution.

JW & DE Ryan Plumbing and Heating utilizes the latest pipe thawing equipment and technology. We can often thaw frozen pipes without damaging finished services or structure.

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