Efficiency Vermont Heat Saver Loan

Amount: $0.00 to $35000.00


Heat Saver Loan

Pay for efficient upgrades to your home with low or 0% interest financing

A Heat Saver Loan helps you pay for heating and weatherization upgrades such as:

  • Installing high efficiency boilers and furnaces
  • Sealing and insulating leaky attics
  • Upgrading old windows
  • Adding cold-climate heat pumps
  • Renewable options such as solar hot water heaters and wood pellet central heating systems

The Heat Saver Loan requires no minimum loan amount. You can finance up to $35,000 with no money down and interest rates as low as 0%. And, when you finance an energy efficiency project, you can use the savings generated by your upgrade to help repay the cost of your loan.

Get started

Visit www.heatsaverloan.vermont.gov to find out how to secure a Heat Saver Loan, orfind a qualifying contractor to begin your project.

Interest Rates

Household Income Qualifications Loan Term
  Up to 5 years From 5 to 15 years
Below $64,160 0.00% 1.99%
Between $64,160 - $96,240 1.99% 2.99%
Over $96,240 3.99% 4.99%
Secured and unsecured loan options are available.
Interest rates are based on median family income for Vermont, Burlington /South Burlington MSA.

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