State SELECT Residential Electric Water Heater

The State Select line of water heaters offers a broad range of quality water heaters to meet your needs. The Select family includes high-efficiency models; tall, short and lowboy models; and our specialty electric models, which include the Tabletop, Junior and Point-of-Use models. For quality and dependability and a wide range of choices, there's a Select that's right for every home!

  • Diffuser PEXAN Dip Tube Helps reduce lime and sediment buildup, maximizes hot water output
  • Aluminum Anode Rod Helps protect against corrosion for longer life
  • Durable Tamper-Resistant Brass Drain Valve
  • Glass-Lined Tank For long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion
  • Factory-Installed Temperature & Pressure (T&P) Relief Valve
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water heater
Model IDModel NameTypeCapacity
1st Hour
Standard Watts
@ 240 VAC
R - Factor
H x Dia.Weight
734ES6 40 DORTTall40.925245001646.5x18115
735ES6 52 DORTTall50.916045001654x20.5125
736ES6 66 DORTTall66.887245001660.25x22135
737ES6 80 DORTTall80.868145001660.5x24170
29758ES6 30 DORTTall30.934345001646.5x1895
29759ES6 80 DORTNTall80.858545001664.25x28180
29760ES6 120 DORTTall120.8111245001664..5x28320
29761ES6 30 DORSShort30.934345001636.5x20.5100
29762ES6 40 DORSShort40.925245001644x20.5115
29763ES6 50 DORSShort50.906245001648x22150
29764ES6 30 DOLSLowboy29.934145001631.25x22170
29765ES6 40 DOLNSLowboy38.924845001231.25x23120
29766ES6 50 DOLSLowboy50.915545001634x26.5170
  • 6-Year Limited Warranty The Tank and Functional Parts

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