Froling P4 Wood Pellet Boilers

Froling P4 boilers provide a convenient, safe and environmentally responsible way to heat your home and hot water with wood pellets. P4 homeowners are assured of unusually high heating efficiency, low heating costs, and use of an abundant, locally available, renewable fuel.

  • 92-95% overall efficiency
  • Automatic ignition
  • Pneumatic pellet feed is ideally suited for bulk fuel applications, although the P4 may easily be used with bagged fuel. your boiler as needed. The convenience
  • Variable speed induced draft fan ensures optimal fuel-to-air ratio.
  • Standard turbulators improve heat transfer efficiency
  • Incoming combustion air temperature is raised with an integrated pre-heating system
  • Multiple-pass heat exchanger and automatic heat exchange
  • Integrated storage tank control
  • Exhaust temperatures under 250dF
  • Must be installed with a moderately sized buffer tank
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Easy to clean with very little ash

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Model IDModel NameRate Output
VoltageWatts / HourWater
2735P4-835.8240 VAC9618.5550.4x23.6x29.1706
2736P4-1550.8240 VAC12318.5550.4x23.6x29.1706
2737P4-2068.2240 VAC11021550.4x30.4x29.1882
2738P4-2585.3240 VAC11021550.4x30.4x29.1882
2739P4-32109.0240 VAC11033656.4x36.75x29.11036
2740P4-38129.6240 VAC11033656.4x36.75x29.11036

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