BioHeat Solo Plus Wood Gasification Add-on Boiler

Solo Plus boilers provide a convenient, safe, and environmentally responsible way to heat your home and hot water with wood. The Solo Plus wood gasification combustion technology is the most efficient way to burn cordwood. Additionally, this high-efficiency burn technology produces little or no creosote, virtually eliminating the risk of chimney fires and greatly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Solo Plus boiler uses down draft gasification technology to achieve very high efficiency. The key to this process is the high temperature (1800d or more) reached in a second refractory-lined combustion chamber. This secondary combustion consumes the creosote and smoke that normally goes up the chimney, thereby wringing every bit of energy out of the wood fuel and resulting in a very clean burn.

Firewood burns most efficiently and cleanly when it is burned hot and fast. Down draft gasification facilitates just this kind of burn. Your home, however, does not use heat in this same way; it calls for heat only as needed. In order to match both of these demands, we recommend combining a wood boiler with a water storage tank of 500-1000 gallons.

  • Thermostatically controlled dreaft blower
  • 75-80% overall efficiency
  • Clean burn with virtually no smoke or creosote
  • Large, easily accessible firebox
  • Easy to clean with very little ash
  • Standard equipment
  • Jacket with insulation
  • Steel doors with gasketing
  • Draft fan
  • Relief valve
  • Boiler Control
  • Cleaning impliments
  • Optional equipment
  • Heat storage system
  • Domestic hot water
  • Temover boiler protection valve

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    Model IDModel NameNominal Heat
    Input MBH
    Oper.Volts -
    2726Solo-30102.0180 - 190120 - 1541610 x 122155.5x21x46.51080
    2727Solo-40140.0180 - 190120 - 1554610 x 122155.5x25x46.51180
    2728Solo-60198.0180 - 190120 - 1560810 x 122155.5x25x50.51230
    • Each Solo Plus boiler is covered by a 20-year limited warranty

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