Watts Onix Hydronic Radiant and Snowmelt System

Crosslinked Durel EPDM is extruded into a tube and wrapped with an AlumaShield barrier and a second layer of EPDM. This composite tube is reinforced with 1000 denier aramid cord, the same incredibily tough and heat resistant material used to make fire and bullet proof shields. A final outer jacket of EPDM is applied.

One of the best features of our Onix tubing is its aluminum barrier layer, AlumaShield. Unlike plastic barriers, AlumaShield is unaffected by sunlight, UV radiation from fluorescent lamps, moisture, or elevated temperatures. Due to its placement inside the hose, the AlumaShield barrier can't be scraped off or damaged by typical job site abuse.

  • Availible in 5 Diameters: 3/8 - 1 In.
  • Easy to install at any temperature
  • Not damaged by sunlight
  • The best product for staple-up
  • Improved flexibilty
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  • Tubing - Limited 25 Year Warranty
  • Manifolds and Fittings - 2 Years

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